These are the activities I have been up to, or a part of, beyond my projects.


Combat Robotics - YOB TROHS

2023 - Present • Norwalk, CT

I founded and led a combat robotics team in the National Havoc Robot League (NHRL), an open-to-all combat robotics league hosted nearby in Connecticut.

We designed, manufactured, and built YOB TROHS, a full 12 lb robot from scratch. We then competed in the September 30th event of the 2023 season. I organized and managed the design of the robot, delegated tasks to my team, and communicated necessary changes.

Ward Melville Iron Patriots Robotics

2022 - Present • Long Island, NY

I led the CAD team as the sub-team captain, and contributed significantly to the initial designs of the robot.

We competed in March at the FIRST Long Island Regional #1, and achieved third place.

Three Village STEM Summer Camp Internship: Lego Camp

2023 • East Setauket, NY

I participated in the "Lego Camp" in the summer of 2023. I mentored a large younger group (1st - 6th grade), and inspired creativity by assisting and engaging with them through the medium of Lego.

I spontaneously started a series of some small engineering challenges such as bridge building using Lego bricks. Students were intrigued and engaged significantly with the idea.

3D Printing Workshop

2022 • Stony Brook, NY

I gave a small workshop on the basics of 3D printing and computer-aided design to undergraduate and graduate students at Stony Brook University.

The workshop consisted of a presentation on the principles of designing models for 3D printing with tangible examples from my own projects, and a live demonstration of CAD using Autodesk Inventor.

Three Village STEM Summer Camp Internship: 3D Printing Camp

2022 • East Setauket, NY

I participated in the "3D Printing Camp" in the summer of 2022. I mentored with a small group of students, helped them assemble their Prusa Mini 3D printer kits, and effectively introduced them to the basics of 3D printing.

Computer Science

GunnHacks 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 Organizer

2021 - Present • Palo Alto, CA

I have been an organizer of GunnHacks since 2021, designing for and helping to coordinate three Hackathons in three years at Gunn High School, CA.

In 2021, I first joined GunnHacks as an organizer, working on publicity and designing aspects of the flyer and t-shirt. In 2022, I acted as the lead graphic designer. I spearheaded the team Figma workplace, designed the advertisements and event t-shirt, and created a post-it mural. In 2023, I continued to lead the design, creating a new design for the flyer and t-shirt.

Along with organizing, I also held a highly anticipated Unity Workshop on the topic “game design and programming in C#”.

Stony Brook Hackathon

2023 - Present (ongoing) • East Setauket, NY

I am the lead student organizer for a new hackathon with the aim to establish a long-lasting annual event for local high school students.

Through the help from a teacher from a summer camp opportunity, I am organizing in collaboration with the Center of Excellence Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) at Stony Brook University. I catalyzed the event with my GunnHacks experience with the aim to establish an annual tradition.

Three Village STEM Summer Camp Internship: Game Development Camp

2023 • East Setauket, NY

I participated in the "Game Development Camp" in the Summer of 2023. I introduced the students to the basics of scratch, and to use my game developer experience to help students come up with unique ideas, fix complex bugs, and demonstrate basic principles of game design.

GunnHacks 7.0 Participant

2021 • Palo Alto, CA

I participated in GunnHacks on a team with 3 close friends. We created “Well Chess but Actually No”, a two-player online chess platform with the twist of being able to add funny or game-changing rules to every match.

I acted as the general project manager, coordinated the team, and wrote up the final submission. In addition, I composed the music for the game and contributed ideas. I was inspired to become an organizer the following year after this experience.


Ward Melville Chamber Orchestra

2021 - Present • East Setauket, NY

In my first year in New York, I was accepted into the Chamber Orchestra as the only sophomore first violinist.

As a member of the group, I regularly played challenging and professional repertoire. Examples include, Holst’s Jupiter from the Planets, Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9, Rossini’s William Tell Overture, and Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 8. Notably in the winter of 2021, we were invited to play at the NYSMMA All-State December Conference.

Tri-M Music Honor Society

2022 - Present • East Setauket, NY

I joined the Tri-M chapter at Ward Melville in 11th grade.

Throughout the years, I have volunteered at many of the events they hosted, including the Trick or Treat Street, Ward Melville’s Got Talent, and NYSSMA auditions. At the end of the year, I successfully completed 40 hours of service, a NYSSMA All-State audition, and a music project, and was indicted into the honor society.

Brookhaven Summer Music Internship

2022 & 2023 • East Setauket, NY

I have interned at Brookhaven Summer Music, New York, from June to August in both 2022 and 2023.

Throughout the weeks, I helped and played along with the young musicians, taught sectionals, and led small ensembles.

California All-State Junior High Orchestra

2020 • Fresno, CA

I auditioned and was accepted as a violinist in the California All-State Junior High Orchestra in 8th grade.

In February, I travelled to Fresno for the three day event and performed seven pieces with the orchestra.


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